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Notice To Mariner Barnegat Light Channel has officially changed!

Link to video: Details

United State Coast Guards Aid To Navigation (ATON) moved a number of buoys this week. The “old” channel running from the “B” Buoy in front of the USCG Station west towards the High Bar Harbor Dyke and then turning north along the Dyke and towards Oyster Creek Channel is no longer marked. The Barnegat Light Cut is now the main federally marked channel when transiting from Inlet/Lighthouse to the bifurcation into Double Creek and Oyster Creek Channels.


Scout it out and get familiar with the change. A LOT of boaters got hung up, high and dry the past couple of days. There should be a danger buoy should be placed to the south of Buoy 19’s current location at about 39º 45.977’N 74º 6.992’W.


Buoy Latitude Longitude
14 39° 45.891’N 74° 06.448’W
16 39° 45.885’N 74° 06.556’W
17 39° 45.794’N 74° 06.590’W
18 39° 45.929’N 74° 06.703’W
19 39° 46.089’N 74° 06.990’W
20 39° 46.028’N 74° 06.808’W
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